Wings of Transformation



Copy Editing- $.020 per word

Line Editing- $0.30 per word

Developmental Editing $0.10 per word

Proofreading- $0.15 per word


Services with the editing will include: spelling and grammar checks, punctuation line and page breaks, consistency usage, paragraph structure, chapter breaks, dialogue, plot restructuring, timeline analysis and in document comments.


Cover Images and Editing Starting at $25.00


Book Prices: 100 printed copies starting at $220.00 


Book Signing Events Starts at $125.00 Pre-Order Sales Plans Starts at $100.00


One on One Consultation- 30 Mins Free We will discuss what my company has to offer and if you think I am a good fit for you. 


One on One Consultation 1 Hour $50.00 and additional time will be $5.00 per 5 mins. We will discuss what my company has to offer what your plans are and how serious you are and make plans to move forward.


If you decide to go with our services there will be a nonrefundable deposit which is 15% of the total cost of the services you sign up to receieve. There will be a service contract to sign that will protect and cover both parties.