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Triveda Harris


A mother of three, Stroke suvivor, Chiari Malformation warrior, author, model and business owner. The message behind Wings of Transformation is truly a simple one; we all are transforming daily into the best versions of ourselves. There was a point in my life where I did not believe that I would actually make it. I was being faced with so much at one time and I was drowning in everything; my thoughts included. The struggle was real. All I could see was chaos all around me. I lost my ability to walk, talk and the doctors had no idea of how to help me. I was told by one neurologist to simply "get used to it". I refused to do that; so at that point I began to change my thought process and the way I talked to myself. I was not going to be a victim to my circumstances. It has been a long journey but it has been an amazing one to look back over where I was to where I am and to know that there is so much more ahead I am looking forward to it. The Butterfly represents transformation because as you know it started out as a caterpillar and just when you thought that was the end of life it becomes a Butterfly. Sometimes we will have to go through things in order to grow through them. I want to help you find your strength so that you can become the Butterfly and fly. Your Best is yet to come.

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